Congregational Life

Weekly worship is at 10:30am on Sundays in-person or virtually (hybrid service).  We are following current health recommendations for Covid-19 so worship may only be virtual depending on how the situation changes.  For in-person worship, we encourage vaccination and ask unvaccinated visitors to please wear a mask. If you would like to join us on-line, please contact us for the Zoom meeting ID and password.  Our dress is casual and our worship music style varies from week to week, from contemporary music to folk to traditional hymn singing.

Our church is regularly involved in community ministry projects, such as

Contact us if you are interested in joining us on Sunday mornings or participating in our community ministries.

When we can safely return to meeting in person, adult Bible study will take place before worship, at 9:30am. Childcare will be provided for Bible study and congregational worship. Once a month we will have potlucks after our worship services. We welcome visitors to join us for these – no need to bring a dish!