What We Value

… In Our Spiritual Life

  • Jesus is the center of our life. 
  • We seek to live a practical everyday faith founded on the life and teachings of Jesus. In other words, we want to “Walk the Talk.”  
  • There is a hunger to deepen our relationships with Christ. In Christ, we are reconciled to God. 
  • The Holy Spirit transforms our inner being to become more Christ-like.  
  • Love is central to following Jesus.
    • Jesus taught his disciples to serve others in sacrificial love and said that the world    would recognize us by our love. We want to live that out.
    • People who visit Durham Mennonite Church often comment on the love in our church. We see this as a key value and an important strength.
  • Our spiritual walk is rooted in prayer.
    • We depend deeply on God for wisdom and strength.
    • Prayer is a practical part of the way we live, not just a ritual or a formality.
  • The Bible is our guide for practical, day-to-day faithful living. 
  • Scripture taught in Sermons and Sunday School inspires a greater understanding of the Kingdom of God and how God wants us to live. 
  • We emphasize the life and teachings of Jesus so that we might faithfully follow him. Jesus is the Word of God made flesh (John 1:1-14). 
  • We interpret all scripture in light of Jesus and the things he said and did. (Hebrews 1:1-3). 
  • Those who model a faithful Christian walk encourage us to follow Christ faithfully. 
  • The courage to be open and vulnerable about our spiritual journeys gives courage to others to keep walking with Jesus. 
  • Worship is central to our spiritual life and community life. 
  • It is a celebration of our shared relationship with God. 
  • Herein we experience and express our relationship with God alongside our sisters and brothers. 

…In Our Life Together 

  • A climate of caring and acceptance pervades our group. 
    • We are enriched because we have a variety of races, ethnic groups, life experiences, personalities, perspectives, and abilities.
  • Appreciating our forgiveness enables us to forgive others. 
  • Worship is a setting where we build relationships, particularly during our time of sharing and prayer when people are vulnerable about their struggles and pain. Our mutual care and support and prayer give us the freedom to be human before God. 
  • Eating together builds relationships. 
  • Work, mission, and enjoying fun events strengthen ties among us. 

…In Our Local Ministry and Mission 

  • Our life together is, in itself, invitational. 
    • Our acceptance and forgiveness attract people into God’s kingdom.
    • We invite people to serve others alongside us.
  • Our local mission efforts have sprung out of our passion and concern for people. 
    • We walk with those on the margins, the least, the lost and the last. 
    • God has used our gifts and our network of relationships to serve others and to advocate for their justice.
  • We have a message of peace. We carry the reconciling message of the Prince of Peace into our city as people who are reconciled to God.